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We have design many features for you which can save your lots of time. If you think you have an idea to improve any feature, please feel free to send us suggestion in Feedback/Query section which will be visible after login.

Fees Management

Student or his/her parent/guardian can submit fees by using Paytm, NEFT or other Payment options. Admin can decide which payment option his/her school supports.


Attendance Management

Attendance can be taken for employees and student.
Both attendance management are independent of each other.


Date Sheet Management

Admin or Permitted Teacher can add or update Datesheets
A notification will be sent to all students and their parent/guardian internally.



Admin can view school activities and report summaries on his dashboard. We will be adding more features to dashboard which will make your work more easy.


Employee/Teacher Management

Admin can give access of an application module to a particular employee.


User Request Management

Parent/Guardian, Employees, Admin or Student can make their own account and send request to a school to join.


Result Management

Admin or Permitted Employee can add results. You can import result using a csv file which will save your time.


Homework Management

Permitted Teacher can assign homework to class student and than teacher, student and student's parent can chat for that homework to complete.


Notice Board

School Notice board will be visible to every member of the school.


Time Tables / Schedules

Admin or Permitted Teacher can add timetable for a class.


Holiday Calendar

Admin can update about any change in academic calendar and every member of school will be notified automatically.



Admin or Permitted Teacher can sent messages to any one.


Guardian Management

Admin or Permitted Teacher can give parent permission to access his/her children account.


Student Management

Admin or Permitted Teacher can manage students.


Admin Management

Admin will be able to add more admins to school or remove any user from the school.



Admin or Permitted Teacher can create a gallery and can add any number of photos to it.


Feedback / Query

Every user of schoolites can complain, give feedback, suggestion to us to make this system best.


Admin Settings

Admin can choose classes, add subjects to the classes, Enable or disable modules etc


About Schoolites The World Of Education

Our aim is to give school, teacher, student a system where they can become famous because of their hard work and studies.

Parent/Guardian have ability to view his/her children performance. Teacher can upload notes which can help student. There are lot's of areas where we are working to improve Schoolites. You can see our upcoming features which are listed below.

Total students

Total Guardian

total teachers

total admins

Upcoming Services Our road map for the future

We are working day night to give every single possible feature in Scholites. The list of currently under development features is given below.

Online Quiz

Quiz can be taken within multiple schools. Give rewards to the winner.
Any School can take participate in the quiz. Any school can create a quiz for his school or for all schools.


Library Management

Teachers or Student can share their note with others.


Notes from globe

Now its easy to find notes from any where or you can upload your notes to earn money.


Video Tutorials

Our vision is to make student as brighten as possible. Student can learn whenever or whatever they want.


Mind Games

Puzzles, Mathematical Question and many more games which will be interested as well as help students to improve their thinking.


Career Guide

We will suggest students their career line according to their capability's.